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[Features of business socio-environmental responsibility manifestation in domestic tourism

The article considers the formation and manifestation features of business socio-environmental responsibility (SER) in regions specializing in recreational tourism as a tool for regional economy greening. The complex nature of the actively emerging SER concept, its interdisciplinarity with philosophical, sociological, phycological, economic, environmental, and other aspects, as well as its practical value, all foster scholarly discussion and contribute to the degree of how defined the terminological and methodological apparatus is. The fiercest debates surround the factors and environment for business social responsibility, socially admitted forms of its manifestation. It makes the research topical and timely.
By analising the SER’s role in the sustainable development of recreational touristic territories and various aspects of the actual activity of business units in resort regions, we determine the prerequisites for socio-environmentally responsible business and draw out specific aspects of the tourism industry representing a challenge for active development of SER entities.
We have identified factors and environments for SER growth, in particular within the tourism industry. Operational directions and instruments of state and public effect on business SER will make it possible to apply this social, philosophical, phycological, and economic phenomenon to the sustainable development of domestic tourism and regions specializing in recreation.

Mishulina S. I.

Matova N. I.

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