Content №3 от 2018

Assessing and Regulating Food Sovereignty and Security for Siberian Population

The article presents a methodology for assessing food sovereignty and food security as exemplified by agro-industrial production in the Siberian Federal District. The assessment of food sovereignty rests upon the official market basket and corresponding consumption patterns approved by the Russian Government, as well as the population size. Official per capita food cons sumption patterns are determined in physical and value terms, regarding the prevailing market prices. We identify the total costs for allfood products and compare them with the actual average per capita spending on groceries.
In general, food self-sufficiency is not provided if expenses are equal to or greater than the total cost of food products. We show that a social eco-economic system engaged in food production experiences external threats and natural hazards, which leads to risks and losses and, ultimately, changes the system performance indicators. Relying on the methodology designed, the article assesses the level offood self-sufficiency and food security for the SFD popu­lation and considers issues of state support and regulation.

Pershukevich P. M.

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