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The Role of an Institutional Governance System in Implementing an Integrated Approach to Territory Development

The article analyzes an institutional structure for managing the spatial development of a Russian federal subject; specifically it examines functions, powers, schemes, and procedures related to the practices of regional authori­ties from the perspective of ensuring unity and interconnection between the re­gional and municipal levels of administration. We study contemporary prob­lems of managing regional socio-economic development against the back­ground of a new state and municipal governance system in the works. The ar­ticle proposes methodological approaches to justifying the design concepts for the institutional system of regional governance that provides integrated so­cio-economic development of regions. We consider issues in executing the autho­rities’ powers to develop territories in an integrated fashion; the institutional problems of land matters and integrated development of rural areas; issues in managing the development of entrepreneurship and regional infrastructure; as well as the role of an innovation system in modeling an integrated approach to territory development. We show some features of the design, structure, and content of the institutional system for managing regional socio-economic deve­lopment. We offer recommendations on how to establish powers, specific rights, duties, and functions of the institutional structures for regional governance, to devise a system of regional regulatory documents ensuring improved gover­nance reliability and quality, to substantiate regulators that provide economic interest in the sphere where regional government bodies interact with business structures, to form an essential regional and municipal statistics database, to create an infrastructure which would assist in transiting to an effective insti­tutional governance system with the help of new information technologies.

Zhdan G. V.

Marshalova A. S. marnov@ieie.nsc/ru

Novoselov A. S. asnov@ieie.nscr

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