Content №2 от 2017

Estimation of the Public Efficiency of the Infrastructure Project on the Example of the Second Branch ofthe Eastern Siberia - Pacific Ocean Oil Pipeline

The article presents the results of research on the development and appli­cation of methodological tools for an integrated assessment of the impact that a large-scale infrastructure project has on the development of the regional and national economy. The methodological framework of this study is a combina­tion of two major areas of analysis and evaluation of project efficiency: project analysis techniques and methodological approaches to studying the economy in view of spatial and cross-sectoral aspects while using an interregio­nal input-output optimization model (OMMM). When assembled, these areas provide an estimate of indirect project efficiency, as well as obtain results in terms of the main macroeconomic indicators at the national and macro-re­gional levels. We present the results of calculations carried out for the first time on a real project with reliable information in the framework of suggested approach to estimate the public efficiency of infrastructure projects. The article introduces a comprehensive assessment of the impact of ESPO-2 on the eco­nomy of Russia and the Far Eastern Federal District with regard to redistri-butive and indirect effects resulting from the project.

Gulakova O. I.

Iershov Iu. S.

Ibragimov N. M.

Novikiva T. S.

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