Content №2 от 2013

Reproductive Health as a Factor of the Reduced Birth Rates in Siberia

Reproductive health is considered as an important part of the population health and a quantitative characteristic of reproduction of the population. To assess a current state of the reproductive health in the present social and sanitary environment of the Siberian Federal District, we use such indicators as the female sickness rates among women in their gestation period and those whose sickness were caused by a pre-pregnancy disease; number of abortions; maternal, perinatal , and infant mortality; and infertility. We also analyze the features of reproductive health related to the life styles of women who consume alcohol, drugs, and tobacco. Major risks of reproductive health are venereal infections, cancer of reproductive organs, and abortions.

Grigoryev Yu. A.

Soboleva S. V.

Keywords: morbidity reproductive health maternal mortality perinatal mortality child mortality infant mortality infertility

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