Content №3 от 2007

The transportation and logistic cluster in the Novosibirsk Oblast: model of its shaping and efficiency assessment

The transportation-logistics cluster in the Novosibirsk Oblast is considered in the paper as a regional fragment of Russian transportation network with its boundaries changing according to a political or economic situation and with a major transportation-logistics center which is located in Novosibirsk City and coordinates all the traffic and commodity transportation. The paper analyzes the variants of building the alternative transportation-logistics clusters and centers in accordance with the Novosibirsk Oblast Socio-economic Development Strategy for 2007-2025. The system analysis has shown that a preferable strategy is a cluster strategy based on public-private cooperation and coordination of federal and regional interests.

Kibalov Ie. B.

Komarov K. L.

Pakhomov K. A.

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