Content №3 от 2006

Classification of reserves and resources of the hydrocarbon material

The paper describes the general criteria to classify the resource reserves and energy sources, and concludes that the existing classifications are mainly built according to the following two criteria: reliability of the existing information about a location of these reserves and sources, and a degree to which they have been involved or may be involved in economic activity and which depends on the technologies available and the economic environment. The article analyses the classification of the oil and gas reserves and resources having been effective in the USSR and Russia as well as the historic differences between domestic and foreign classifications. The article also describes basic criteria used in contemporary techniques being applied in the international audit over the reserves management and internal accounting. Main statements of a new classification for the oil and gas reserves and resources in Russia are presented. The conclusion is that the new classification gives more detailed and complete information than that one having been in effect.

Kontorovich A. E.

Korzhubaev A. G.

Eder L. V.

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