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Single-Industry Towns in Siberia and the Far East: a New Approach to Public Policy Making

This article calculates the true savings of single-industry towns in Siberia and the Far East between 2011 and 2018. We propose a new classification of single-industry towns based on their results, considering sectoral speciali­zation and true savings levels. Our viewpoint is that to make effective mana­gement decisions with regard to each single-industry town, it is necessary to organize field monitoring and investigation. The article suggests a possible structure of the field team report. The author’s proposals on differentiated lines of state policy for each group of single-industry towns, which take into account the level of true savings in a single-industry town, sectoral specifics, distance to a major city, and strategic importance for the Russian Federation, have become the result of this research cycle.

Pyzheva Yu.I. Yu. I.

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