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Current Problems of Agriculture in Tuva: Production, Investment, and Innovative Aspects

The article sets forth the results of a study on the current state of agri­culture of the Tyva Republic (Tuva) with respect to investment and innovation. First, we outline problems hindering the further development of agriculture in Tuva and analyze how primary branches of agricultural production faired in 2015-2020 inside a multi-structured economy. The roles that farms of va­rious categories play in agricultural production are defined next. We also show the volumes and dynamics of investment attracted to agriculture over the con­sidered period and emphasize how important the state is in investment support for agriculture. The paper examines problems of agricultural development along with the contribution of agricultural science to advancing innovation and draws a conclusion about the need for innovative development of agriculture in the region.

Sambyla Ch. N.

Chysyma R. B.

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