Content №4 от 2021

Russia and Mongolia: Retrospects and Prospects for Economic Cooperation (on the 100th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations)

November 5, 1921, is an important date in the history of Russian-Mongolian cooperation. On that day, the People’s Government of Mongolia and the Government of the RSFSR signed the agreement to establish friendly relations. This document set the stage for nearly seventy years of alliance between the first two countries in the world to choose the socialist path. The 100th anniversary of the establishment of Mongolia-Russia diplomatic relations provides a significant opportunity to review the history of their strategic partnership and assess the current state and the short-term outlook of economic cooperation.
The article considers the results of the Soviet-Mongolian cooperation, draws attention to the “big debt" problem, analyzes the Russian-Mongolian economic relations and the prospects for their further intensification within the China - Mongolia - Russia Economic Corridor Program.

Makarov A. V.

Makarova E. V.

Andreev A. B.

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