Content №4 от 2021

Features of Oil Clusters Generation and Development: Case of the South of Tyumen Oblast

The practices of the social and economic development of the south of Tyumen Oblast (STO, federal constituent entity, without autonomous okrugs) since the mid-2000s exemplify generally successful economic growth. The STO industry’s build-up was largely associated with the extraction of hydrocarbons (primarily oil) and their processing (petrochemistry and oil refining). But these growth drivers are losing their meaning. Today, the potential for further growth due to the expansion of hydrocarbon production and processing is close to being exhausted.
The region needs to search for new sources of economic growth. They can be related to the knowledge economy and interregional ties, which includes manufacturing high-tech equipment and providing high-tech services not only for STO but also for the oil and gas sector throughout Western Siberia. It is advisable to pursue activities in this regard within the newly established oil cluster, whose successful functioning has all the necessary prerequisites in STO. Its generation and development must be carried out considering the peculiarities of transforming the main assets of the oil and gas sector, Western Siberian mineral reserves.

Tokarev A. N.

Kriukov V. A.

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