Content №4 от 2021

Russian Population Mortality by Cause of Death: Level Trends, Gender and Inter-Urban Disparities

This article aims to assess mortality by cause of death before the COVID-19 pandemic in Russia. The database consists of Rosstat data for the period from 1990 to 2019 characterized by multidirectional dynamics of life expectancy in the Russian population. We have found a significant increase in the degree and share of mortality from diseases of the digestive system, observed recently amid a decline in overall mortality, as well as from infectious and parasitic diseases. Other observations include an increase in mortality from neoplasms with its share reduced and a marked decrease in the degree and share of mortality from respiratory diseases, external causes, and circulatory diseases. As a result of countertrends, the main causes of death regrouped twice in 2006. The share of mortality from other causes, where neurodegenerative diseases play a major role in the aging society, has tripled; since 2016, it has been second only to mortality from cardiovascular diseases. Here we assess the gen­der peculiarities of mortality by cause of death and disparities between urban and rural areas. The study results can be used to improve the demographic policy in terms of mortality.

Popova L. A.

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