Content №2 от 2021

Joint Work on the Belt and Road Initiative Within the Strategic Conjugation of China’s and Russia’s Economic Strategies

The Belt and Road Initiative is a strategic project initiated by China and aimed at improving international cooperation. It calls for pursuing coherent infrastructure solutions, seamless trade, and financial interconnectedness by strengthening political interaction between partner states to achieve mutual benefits. The Sino-Russian ties within the Belt and Road Initiative, the Eurasian Economic Union, and the Greater Eurasian Partnership have become an inte­gral part of their general strategic cooperation. Conjugating the development strategies is crucial for this cooperation to reach meaningful results. Compre­hensive partnership between China and Russia, which includes their strategic interactions, relies on the basic principles outlined in the Treaty of Good-Neigh­borliness and Friendly Cooperation Between the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation. Now, at a time when the world is undergoing tremendous turmoil, Sino-Russian cooperation is not only an important ex­ternal development factor for both countries but also a guarantee of regional and global stability.

Yongquan Li

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