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Social Entrepreneurship Development Processes in the Countries of the Eurasian Economic Union

In the modern world, an objective need for significant socio-economic transformations is acute. This need is due to a few reasons, among which it is worth noting the income stratification, economic crises, and political insta­bility. One of the effective tools aimed at solving these problems is social entrepreneurship. Given that social entrepreneurship is understudied and needs further elaboration, the article discusses the development of social entrepre­neurship in the framework of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). This made it possible to identify a sufficient degree of unity of social entrepreneurship development in the territory of the EAEU on the functional-activity level.
In these countries, social entrepreneurship shows high overlap in the over­whelming number of focus areas. It is most often represented in social protec­tion and rehabilitation, healthcare, sports and tourism, and education. Organi­zations of social entrepreneurship, as a rule, target socially vulnerable catego­ries of citizens. The problems inherent in the current state of social entrepre­neurship in the EAEU countries are also very similar. They should include imperfection of its legislative regulation, insufficient infrastructure support, low level of identification in society, as well as lack of an accounting system and regular monitoring.

Kadol N. F.

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