Content №2 от 2021

Systemic Causes and Consequences of Spatially Mediated Depopulation

The processes of depopulation of the country, almost all its regions, and localities are similar to those observed in almost all developed countries. They are further intensified during the thirty-year transformation of public relations in Russia itself. This article presents general and specific reasons for the depopulation of mental, social, economic, and political nature in the works of Russian geographers and demographers, sociologists and economists, ethnographers and political scientists. Summarizing and supplementing their results, we propose a verbal model of spatially mediated depopulation pro­cesses. It characterizes their logic and the dominance of economic factors regarding their progress in modern Russia. We critically evaluate the statistical accounting methods for geographically mediated depopulation and an ambi­guous role of interregional and intraregional migration in the “desertification" of territories.

Leksin V. N.

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