Content №2 от 2021

The Spread of Coronavirus in Russia: Regional Peculiarities

The spread of the COVID-19pandemic is highly differentiated both among countries and areas within countries. This paper’s main objective is to identify regional characteristics influencing the extent of coronavirus infection in the Russian Federation during the second wave of the pandemic. We employ econometric modeling methods to assess relations between regional charac­teristics that reflect vulnerability or resistance of a region to infection and the scale of coronavirus proliferation. Among the resistance factors were the wealth and social capital accumulated by the region’s population. Residents in better-off Russian regions are less exposed to infection, while more impove­rished regions, densely populated ones, regions with worse environmental issues, and the ones with older populations appear to be more vulnerable. We show the role of social capital in pandemic resistance: superior quality social capital is associated with lower infection and mortality rates. The results may inform regional policy measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other infections potentially.

Ivanova A. I.

Kravchenko N. A.

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