Content №2 от 2021

Viability of the Constituent Entities of the Russian Federation

The ability of all living and developing things to adapt to environmental conditions, change them, find means and ways to protect and preserve them­selves is called resilience and viability. There are many sciences that study the viability of living organisms and self-replicating systems as a whole and its individual aspects. This work aims to quantify the viability of the constituent entities (regions) in the Russian Federation. To achieve this goal, we use the author’s viability coefficient that shows the change in viability, not its absolute level; 15 indicators of the Federal State Statistics Service of the Russian Fede­ration for 2000-2018 were used to calculate the viability coefficient in this study. Having analyzed the viability coefficients calculated for 79 Russian regions, we see that their dynamics fluctuated during those years. The falls coincided with periods of global financial/economic crises and unfavorable geopolitical events for Russia. The oscillations amplitude decreased, and the coefficient values were approaching one, which indicates decelerated or ceased viability growth. The results obtained could prove to be useful in studying the state of national security in Russia and its administrative-territorial entities, as well as drafting regional socio-economic and demographic policies.

Kazantsev S. V.

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