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Health Capital Estimates for Russian Regions in 2004-2018

The study aims to select a health capital indicator and provide health capital estimates at a regional level in Russia based on econometric modeling for 2004-2018. The article uses data from The Russia Longitudinal Monitoring Survey. Relying on two specifications of ordinal logistic models and random effects panel logistic regressions, we find the socio-economic, demographic, behavioral and medical characteristics defining the health of the Russian population. The values for the self-reported health predicted from the regression models are used for the estimation of a health capital index for Russian men and women. We present health capital estimates for Russia and its eight macro-re­gions that reveal significant disparities in health capital among regions.
This article's results may provide more precise health capital estimates in meso- and macro-level models and add a social filter in economic endoge­nous growth models for Russian regions. The revealed regional disparities in health capital estimates also call for a differentiated regional health policy designed to mitigate inequality while maintaining state guarantees of free and universal healthcare.

Kaneva M. A .

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