Content №1 от 2021

Urban Spheres of Influence in the Far East: Current State and Development Prospects

Spatial development of the Far East is among Russia’s priorities. In this regard, identifying urban spheres of influence becomes essential for effective management decisions to coordinate the cities ’ and macroregion’s develop­ment processes. Due to very few adequate tools and technical challenges inherent in identifying urban spheres of influence, information on such spheres of urban influence is rarely used to draft strategic territorial planning docu­ments. This study determines the spheres with principal component analysis, which provides a theoretical foundation for detecting influence areas between cities. As a result, we show the urban spheres of influence in their current state, observed in 82 cities in the Far East. Between cities in a macroregion, they are heterogeneous and differ in how much effect they have. Spheres of influence extend beyond their administrative boundaries only for six cities. Moreover, we have discovered regularities that need to be studied further, as the findings may contribute to the research on urban spheres of influence.

Titov E. A.

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