Content №1 от 2004

Economic science in the Ural region

The paper traces the formation of economic science in the Ural region from 1723 up to this day. Originally the economic science stayed within the oiconomy, but with the appearance in 1890 of the work Development of Capitalism in Russia that used the Ural data, the scientific analysis of economic development was started. The formation of the economic sciences in the Ural region dates back to 1921 when a general-planning commission was set up in Yekaterinburg which, along with currently imposed tasks, was to carry out a comprehensive study of the economic situation in the region. In 1948 Sector of Economic Studies was set up, and in 1951 the Department and in 1971 the Institute of Economic of the Ural Branch of the Academy of Sciences. Today the Institute carries out studies on the development of theory and methodology for management of areas, prediction and strategic planning of the social and economic development of the Ural areas, analysis of structural, institutional and innovative transformation in the sectors of the regional national economic complex, on mechanisms of economic security and social stability in various territorial systems.

Tatarkin A. I.

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