Content №4 от 2020

Features of economic entities development in the agricultural industry of Penza Oblast and Republic of Tatarstan

The article deals with the development features pertaining to agricultural organizations, peasant farms, and subsidiary household plots in the Republic of Tatarstan and Penza Oblast. The research is based on the context of the regions’ development strategies and agricultural policies. We put forward a hypothesis that, despite the agricultural policy uniformity nationwide, the dynamics of agriculture in these regions are ensured, among other things, by economic entities changing economic priorities. To analize these strategies, we use data on production specializations and resources of economic entities from the 2006 and 2016 All-Russian Agricultural Censuses. The examination of regional agricultural policies relies on their estimates given by experts over interviews.
Here findings may serve state authorities in establishing agricultural in-dustry regulations for various Russian regions. One conclusion is that regions conduct distinct agricultural policies. Tatarstan’s agricultural sector expe-riences soft intensification, while the government intends to support as many economic entities as possible. By contrast, Penza Oblast aims to lower the number of economic entities and strengthen individual industry participants economy-wise. We find useful the revealed trends in enhancing the production specializations of the regions, as well as discovering that they have common problems in the agricultural sectors which are the federal center’s responsibility.

Gabdrakhmanova G. F.

Sagdieva E. A.

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