Content №3 от 2020

On the development of ecotourism in Russia

The article analyzes ecological tourism as one of the most effective and environmentally friendly commercialization methods of goods and services provided by unique eco-systems. It demonstrates that nature reserves and national parks may promote economic development and employment growth on their territories by attracting tourists and providing incentives for the development of relevant infrastructure, notwithstanding natural resources use constraints following their legal status. We explore long-run problems of competitiveness of the tourism industry in ecologically vulnerable areas. It is concluded that sustainable development of tourism is impossible without proper accounting for the ecological capacity of an area, moderate use of local resources and attracting the number of visitors that balances the economic efficiency of provided services with social benefits generation for the local population. Also, preliminary evaluation of the permissible recreational load must be a necessary condition for ecological tourism development.

Blum Iu. Sh.

Blam I. Yu.

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