Content №3 от 2020

Estimating regional asymmetry of digital economic development in the Northwestern Federal District of the Russian Federation

The article presents the results of an author-designed assessment of regional asymmetry in digital economic development across the Northwestern Fede¬ral District in 2018. When calculating the index, unlike it is represented in most studies, we have considered not only business digitalization indicators but also the ones of society digitalization. The study shows that in 2018, the district was characterized by high asymmetry in digital economic development, with vastly different digitalization figures for the population and companies. Arkhangelsk Oblast exhibits the lowest comparative level among the NWFD regions, whe¬reas the highest results (albeit not for all indicators) belong to St. Petersburg, as expected. The one indicator in terms of which St. Petersburg does not have the lead is the percentage of online shoppers: this number is the biggest in Murmansk Oblast.

Duplenko N. G.

Golushko E. A.

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