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Measuring Sustainable Development of the Russian far Eastern Regions

One of the most widely applicable indicators of sustainability of the eco­nomic development is the “genuine savings " indicator. To obtain more accu­rate estimates of the sustainability of the development of the Russian Far Eastern regions, the article uses a modification of the World Bank’s genuine savings assessment method considering the characteristics of the regions and the most detailed set of open statistics. According to the results of the study, we have identified “anti-sustainable" trends in the development of a few resource-type regions of the Russian Far East, which could be explained by the intensification of mining. The transition to sustainable development in the Far East as a whole will only be possible if all its regions are provided with sustainable development, i.e. the territories will not only be used as a resour­ce-rich ground to replenish the federal budget and generate profits for com­panies involved in subsoil use but also as a truly strategic center for the country’s development, focused primarily on the accelerated growth of invest­ment in human capital.

Pyzheva Yu.I. Yu. I.

Lapo E.V. E. V.

Syrtsova E. A.

Pyzhev A. I.

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