Content №2 от 2020

Improving the Formulation of the Basic Interregional Input-Output Optimization Model of Rail Transport to Increase Its Flexibility in Evaluating Large-Scale Railway Projects

The article considers a modified interregional input-output optimization model of rail transport (OMMM-RT), namely the one with an additional algorithm and module using the theory of dual problems by K.A. Bagrinovsky and A.G. Aganbegyan but as applied to large-scale capital investments in general. We calculate the final consumption fund in the initial OMMM-RT model; following this operation, based on the dual problem theory, the obtained value of the final consumption fund serves as a lower boundary. In our case, the dual problem consists in minimizing the amount of capital investment in large-scale railway projects. The article proves that the same conditions as in finding the maximum of a target function lead to a solution for the problem with lower capital investment.

Pyataev M. V.

Sizov A. N.

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