Content №2 от 2020

Does the Use of Alternative Methods Change the Picture of Inequality in the Regions of Russia?

The main purpose of the article is to offer recommendations aimed at improving the system for monitoring income inequality in Russian regions. For this, a comprehensive analysis of income inequality measurement pro­cedures is carried out, with a particular focus on the comparison of income inequality indicators used in the official statistical data and alternative ones. As alternative measures, we consider inequality indicators used by interna­tional organizations, as well as those applied in various economic studies. The analysis is empirically based on microdata from the 2017 Sample Inquiry of Income and Participation in Social Programs. Based on the calculations of official and alternative indicators, we have selected a number of indicators in the research to identify regional features of income inequality. The study has also produced a list of regions requiring additional inequality indicators, where they are most relevant. Adopting additional factors of income differentiation may provide policymakers with important information and help develop effec­tive measures for combating inequality.

Maleva T. M.

Kartseva M.A. M. A.

Kuznetsova P.O. P. O.

Salmina А. А.

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