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Institutional Environment for Social and Economic Development of Municipalities

The article discusses the current problems related to an emerging institu­tional environment for the social and economic development of municipalities. It shows that the socio-economic development of these units is accompanied by their high spatial differentiation. The economic policy and institutional mecha­nisms of its implementation fail to adequately consider regional peculiarities of the municipal economy and the unique role of the spatial factor in ensuring economic growth. To solve the problems described, we propose management mechanisms and tools providing an effective institutional environment and promoting the economic development of municipalities.
The article covers methodological issues of shaping a favorable institu­tional environment for the development of municipalities, design principles of a management system for the development of municipalities, and features of economic modernization in rural municipalities. We have studied promising development trends for municipalities and investment policy, such as agri­cultural clusters, road construction, the revival of cooperation, and market infrastructure expansion.
The article includes proposals on how to properly establish an institutional environment for the economic development of municipalities, aimed at impro­ving the investment climate, modernizing the economy, raising living standards in municipalities, and improving the efficiency of regional and municipal management.

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