Content №4 от 2019

Evaluating the Performance of Cultural Heritage Conservation Projects

This article deals with the justification for public investment in cultural heritage conservation projects. As a case study, we consider the Preservation and Development of Russia’s Small Historic Towns and Settlements Project. Its drafting was accompanied by a calculation of the project’s net present value, which made it possible to justify the feasibility of public funding. During a cost-benefit analysis, we found a need for polling different target groups of potential project users on their willingness to pay for the proposed impro­vements. To this end, we carried out contingent valuation surveys in two historical cities - Rostov Veliky and Chistopol. The article further discusses the methodological aspects of evaluating the efficiency of public investment in Russia and abroad, presents the results of the surveys, and provides various calculations for the project under review.

Limonov L. E.

Nesena M. V.

Semenov A. A.

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