Content №4 от 2019

Informational Support of Regional Development Project Management in the Context of Digitalization

The article presents the capabilities of a system designed for managing the implementation of regional development programs and projects in re­al-time. Their efficiency depends on the quality of informational support for ma­nagerial decision making and execution. Based on interpretative structural modeling, we develop a resulting structural model of a supervision and control system, as well as set forth the current scheme for managing the implementation of one of the region’s strategic development programs. As the article shows, this scheme may be improved by following any of the two scenarios, evolutionary or revolutionary, where each has its benefits and drawbacks. We propose to focus on abandoning multi-link procedures when complying with requests from the project office and ensuring relevant and complete data with the requirements of digitalization. Having analyzed the existing intellectual property of government bodies (namely, state information systems), we put forward an option for improving data supply for managerial decision making and monitoring. The article suggests that the revolutionary scenario is an approach aimed more on the efficient implementation of regional development programs. For both scenarios, we prepare schematic diagrams for managing the implementation of regional development programs. If and when applied, they will make it possible to interlock the contours for the management of programs and regional development projects within the requirements of eco­nomy digitalization, shorten the cycle and increase the effectiveness of manage­ment decision-making by executive and state authorities, provide an opportu­nity to concentrate resources for creating high-order competitive advantages in the interests of residents of Novosibirsk Oblast and all stakeholders.

Milekhina О. V.

Adova I. B.

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