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A Typology of Russian Regions Based on Drug Security

The article presents an original typology of Russian regions based on this territory’s drug security. Its underlying method is the calculated index of ter­ritorial drug menace (based on the modernized methodology by A. V. Gavrikova). Through analyzing foreign and domestic literature, this paper defines drug security as an area’s ability to confront the drug menace. We assess the drug menace with an index method derived from the four aggregated indi­cators: morbidity-mortality rate due to drug abuse, total land area, population size, and GRP. Within the typology, we distinguish five levels of drug safety with different drug menace intervals.
The methodology was tested on official statistics for Russian regions over 2005 and 2016, which revealed a relatively sustainable drug security situation in the regions. Based on the correlation building process, we have also deter­mined the most severe social and economic consequences of the drug menace
in the federal subjects of Russia: increasing crime rates, spreading infectious diseases, and growing numbers of various traumatic injury hazards (including road accidents) among others. We conclude that the proposed research metho­dology may be further elaborated by means of actively involving the academic community and anti-drug committees.

Golovchin M. A.

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