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Choosing a Management Model for the Tolmachevo Aerotropolis Inter-Municipal Project

By the early XXI century, areas near large international airports have become one of the most prospective objects of economic and territorial deve­lopment. Comprehensive development projects around them have gained wide­spread use in many countries. In Russia, the practices of such approaches are only starting to take shape. The aim of this research is to choose a management model for the overall development of the area surrounding Tolmachevo Inter­national Airport in Novosibirsk Oblast. To reach the set goal, we have comple­ted the following tasks. First, we have systematized promising investment offers on drafting a comprehensive inter-municipal project for socio-economic deve­lopment of the area surrounding Tolmachevo Airport. Second, we have studied foreign and domestic practices of projects carried out in several municipal formations, including those by means of inter-municipal cooperation. Third, we have systematized the forms of managing areas surrounding airports in Russia and abroad. Fourth, we have analyzed the current Tolmachevo Aerotropolis management system. We have used systematization and comparative analysis during our research. As results of this study, we have put forth proposals on how to improve upon the system managing the development of the area in Novosi­birsk Oblast surrounding Tolmachevo Airport, which will help solve the issues of territorial planning and development management in the overall Tolmachevo Aerotropolis area from the standpoint of strategic goals and tasks.

Zhdan G. V.

Grigoriev V. A.

Ivanova V. V.

Sumskaya T. V.

Shevelev A. A.

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