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Eco-Socio-Economic Efficiency of Digital Economy Technologies Under Shortage of Manpower in Siberian Regions

The article assesses indicators of Siberian regions' economic development and identifies an urgent need for advanced digital technologies used in its raw materials regions. We consider efficiency for two groups of digital economy technologies - industrial and communication ones - from the standpoint of environmental and social risks. The article presents a brief analysis of the Digital Economy State Program in terms of it ensuring that industrial technologies are implemented with human resources. We show how relevant robotic technologies are today and how science and methodology substan­tiation of this path’s efficiency follows research carried out in the 1980s. The main element of the substantiation is related to defining the impact of social factors on robotics efficiency under shortage of highly-skilled workforce in both creating and operating robotic systems. We reveal the essence and show advantages of additive technologies as the most promising digital technologies in the industrial group.

Zhuravel N. M.

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