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Forming Value-Added Chains of High-Tech Diamond-Lonsdalite Mineral Raw Materials of Arctic as F actors of Growth in Industrial Efficiency

The paper proposes an approach to the formation of value-added chains of high-tech mineral raw materials of the Arctic (diamond-lonsdalite material) considered as factors of growth in industrial efficiency, primarily in instru­mental industry. We use system methods of scientific research, economic ana­lysis and evaluation of the investment project for the extraction and pro­cessing of this raw material with both standard (NPV, IRR, PI, DPBP) and unconventional (MIRR, EAA) efficiency indicators. The article shows the features and characteristics of the raw materials; justifies approaches to creating value chains, producing and consuming diamond-lonsdalite mate­rial within the industry; estimates economic parameters of its production and consumption; systematizes regulated and unregulated problems and restric­tions associated with the process of forming value-added chains. The results can be used in shaping the development strategy of certain sectors in a new high-tech domestic economy (high-performance tool industry), administering science and technology policy, implementing technology import substitution policy, and expanding export potential.

Samsonov N. Yu.

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