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Tourism TechnologicalPlatform as a Tool to Ensure the Competitiveness of Regional Tourism Products

The article is devoted to the problems of developing tourist zones in Rus­sia’s economic space through designing and implementing tourism techno­logical platforms providing sustainable reproduction of compet itive regional tourism products. We consider the practices of applying tourism technological platforms abroad and prospects of their introduction in Russia. The authors conclude that now, while transitioning to the digital and «smart» economy, the introduction of the methodology of tourism techno-ogical platforms is an indispensable condition for increasing the competitiveness of domestic regional tourism products. The main research methods are the comparative and content analyses; the main research approaches are systemic, integrated and interdisciplinary ones. Research results can be used in elaborating the fundamental theory of tourism, concepts and strategies for the spatial development of Russian regions.

Sharafutdinov V. N.

Onishchenko E. V.

Nakonechny A. I.

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