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Regional Approaches to the Economic Assessment of Rent Income on Recreational Property

The article considers theoretical and practical aspects of defining recre­ational rent at the regional level. We underline how important it is to establish the tourism industry for the social and economic development of the regions. We substantiate a need to study recreational rent as a source of self-financing for the tourist industry. An analysis of investment to the tourist industry in the Republic of Buryatia shows the contribution of the travel business to the total amount of investments. It is noted that currently the concept of «recreational rent» has no universally accepted definition. We put in place methodical approaches to the estimation of recreational rent and determine its size in the price of travel services. The article conducts calculations and ranks the regions in the Republic of Buryatia by the value of recreational rent based on the developed method. Besides official statistics, we use expert assessment data. Two groups of districts have been singled out, reflecting the peculiari­ties of recreational resource use. Based on the rent approach, we find the cost of recreational resources in the Republic and consider possibilities of intro­ducing certain rent payments, including a resort fee, following the recreational rent definition. The article concludes that the calculations might be used in practice and further research needs to be done in this direction.

Sanzheev E. D.

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