Content №3 от 2018

Damage Compensation Towards Indigenous Small-Numbered Peoples of Yakutia for Land Industrialization

The article examines the experience of ethnological expertise in the Repub­lic of Sakha (Yakutia) and assesses the performance of this institute for pro­tecting the rights of indigenous small-numbered peoples of the North when carrying out major investment projects. It is the first to estimate damage mitigation for 1 square km of the land or water area withdrawn from the traditional economy per 1 member of the indigenous minority group. We compare compensation amounts with the annual incomes of community members, as well as with actual payments in other regions. We show the shortcomings of ethnological expertise and propose options for improvement. The article substantiates a need to expand the list of ecosystem services. A conclusion is that, when assessing damages in the event of worsening conditions for traditional economic activities, it is necessary to apply a different approach, namely an evaluation of the impact on community sustainability.

Gavril’eva T. N.

Mostakhova T. S.

Boyakova S. I.

Yakovleva N. P.

Bochoeva R. I.

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