Content №3 от 2018

Estimation of the Potential Processing of Household Solid Waste in the Siberian Regions

The paper is concerned with the current trends and further prospects in the field of household solid waste (HSW) in the regions of Siberia with domestic and world experience. We demonstrate the weakness of the institu­tional environment that emerged in the sphere of HSW circulation. It is shown that the institutional environment is a key factor hindering the development of modern waste processing forms. We suggest an aggregated approach to scenario simulating of HSW circulation, the application of which allows obtaining estimates of the required capital investments for the Siberian regions. The endorsement of this approach indicates high requirements to the return on sales of secondary material resources and lack of incentives to invest in an increase of household solid waste processing, which significantly limits the effectiveness of government measures to reform the industry.

Gilmundinov V. M.

Tagaeva T. O.

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