Content №3 от 2018

Establishing Conditions for a Strategic Alliance of Raw Materials Companies to Implement Gas Chemical Cluster Projects in the Russian East

The key task of the State plan for the Development of Gas and Pet­rochemical Industry in Russia for the Period up to 2030 (Plan-2030) is the search for constructive forms to coordinate the strategic interests of extracting companies in new oil and gas provinces of the Russian East with the interests of participants in the projects aimed at creating the East Siberian and Far Eastern gas/petrochemical clusters. The article assesses strategic interests of Gazprom PJSC, Sibur PJSC and Rosneft Oil Company PJSC by analyzing their corporate strategies. We propose a methodical approach to designing a scheme for the formation of various strategic alliances among companies with the network and imitation models of the investment program of the East Siberian Oil and Gas Complex megaproject. The article carries out a scenario analysis to test the efficiency and risks related to consolidating free profits from extractive industries used to create gas chemical clusters. Through the example of the project for the Amur gas chemical complex, we estimate possible risks of Sibur allying with Gazprom and Rosneft extracting companies.

Grechina E. O.

Pliaskina N. I.

Kharitonova V. N.

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