Content №3 от 2018

Features of the Child and Adolescent Morbidity Dynamics of the Siberian Federal District in the Context of Russian Trends

The work is devoted to studying child and adolescent primary morbidity dynamics in the Russian Federation with Rosstat data. It is important to se­parate this age group out since its morbidity not only characterizes the current situation but also makes it possible to predict the state of health of the entire population in the future. We put major emphasis on child and adolescent morbidity in the Siberian Federal District as the most prob­lematic in terms of health and population morbidity per basic classes of diseases. A significant place in the study is given to morbidity along the classes of diseases that make the main contribution to the younger gene­ration mortality. The peculiarity of the methodological approach to the research is that, unlike the numerous works characterizing the physical condition of certain child and adolescent groups in a variety of territorial objects, this study estimates the morbidity from the position ofpublic health and demographic potential formation. It is shown that there was a signi­ficant deterioration in the health of the younger generation, expressed in a high incidence rate; and this incidence rate was well ahead of that in adults. In the Siberian Federal District, the growth rate of child and adolescent morbidity was above the national average.

Soboleva S. V.

Smirnova N. Ie.

Chudayeva O. V.

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