Content №3 от 2018

Methods of Measuring the Shadow Economy at the Regional Level

Studies show that the share of the shadow economy in Russian regions varies between 11 and 85 percent. Large economic differentiation at the regional level keeps the problem of choosing methods for measuring the shadow economy current. While there is a fairly large number of studies on measuring the shadow economy at the country level, it is not enough at the regional one. Moreover, it is impossible to use all methods for the regional level without adjusting. The article considers methods of measuring the shadow economy through the prism of their potential applicability to evaluating the hidden gross regional product. We point out that the most often used methods for measuring the shadow economy at the regional level are the balance, the electricity consumption, and the MIMIC methods. The monetary method appeared to be not applicable at the regional level; the method of fuzzy sets was not applied to regions but has a high potential if the internal evaluation mechanisms are fundamentally refined.

Kostin A. V.

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