Content №4 от 2017

Assessing External Influence on Trade in the Regions of the Siberian Federal District

The  article  depicts  a  model  to  test  a  hypothesis  about  the  effect     of world-market oil prices, the ruble exchange rate, and anti-Russia sanctions on the international trade in the regions of the Siberian Federal District and Russia in general. We present the results of studies on foreign trade dynamics, commodity structure, and regional specific features. An independent result is an experience of using iterative multiple step-by-step regression, which makes    it possible to identify a significant set of influencing factors and evaluate how they impact the generation of changes in a dependent variable. The article shows that sanctions had an inconsiderable effect on  international  trade.  We have discovered a connection to sanctions for some regions of the Siberian Federal District but no influence from them on the district’s aggregated trade.

Kovaliova G. D.

Kostin A. V.

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