Content №3 от 2017

High-Tech Leaders: Sustainability of Their Market Positions, Sectoral and Regional Characteristics

The article proposes an approach to estimating sustainability and stability of company leadership, applied to analyze leading Russian high-tech firms’ positions. As an empirical basis, we use data from the RBC rating of 50 largest technology companies and the TechUp National Rating. According to the article, high-tech business is characterized by large uncertainty. We justify and calculate indicators suggestive of the emergence of several stable core leaders in the short term. Stability indicators do not show any positive trends. Companies that could potentially form the leadership core will not be able to maintain their positions if developing independently; they need support and encouragement. We identify a few regions (including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, the Republic of Tatarstan, and others) and industries (biotechnology, pharmaceutics, IT, engineering, and others) that are key to the development of high-tech business.

Yusupova A. T.

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