Content №2 от 2017

Prospects Study of Using Crowdsourcing in Managing the Region

The article discusses the possibilities of using crowdsourcing in the regio­nal management system. It features crowdsourcing practices and benefits that contribute to better governance. We analyze the results of a survey on the region residents' attitude towards the prospects of using crowdsourcing. The survey respondents were experts already familiar with the technology of introducing crowdsourcing in business operations, as well as citizens of Barnaul, Altai Krai. We elaborate on the examples of crowdsourcing application, highlight its particularities, and specify a designated use area. Based on respondents' self-assessments, it is demonstrated that in the immediate future this technology will develop through organizing crowdsourcing mini-projects (in the form of crowdfunding), involving the generations born after 1983 and 2003 in crowd-sourcing, and engaging the leading universities in crowdsourcing activities as providers of crowdsourcing participants from among students. We conclude that despite the demand for crowdsourcing, there exist many problems that hinder its use in addressing social and state challenges.

Dolzhenko R. A.

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