Content №2 от 2017

The Spatial Transformation of the Northwestern Macro-Region in the Post-Soviet Period

The article describes the main spatial transformations in the Northwestern macro-region of Russia during the post-Soviet period. The St. Petersburg metropolitan area and the Finnish-Russian border area served as an empirical polygon of the study. An analysis of the spatial structure of the St. Petersburg area revealed the city's still undeveloped land market. This fact hinders further deep restructuring and modernization of the urban environment in accordance with the principles of the most European cities. Common features for the Fin­nish-Russian border area development are as follows: to include border zones in the system of international cross-border transport corridors; to create new multilateral automobile border-crossing points; to build new roads and recon­struct the existing transport routes.

Kuznetsov S. V.

Lachininskii S. S.

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