Content №2 от 2017

Analysis of Changes in the Settlement System of Yakutia

The paper analyzes the changes in the spatial distribution of population in Yakutia between 1897 and 2015; the considered indicators are the urban and rural population, the density of population in urban and rural settle­ments, and the impact of activity types on the settlement system. The quantitative estimations for the level and dynamics of the spatial concentration of popu­lation are based on the Theil index. We discover differences in the dynamics of population concentration and characteristics of the settlement system thro­ughout the periods of region's development. Market relations have redirected the spatial structure of economic activity in Yakutia, despite a series of const­raints resulting from climate, economic, and national factors. The transfor­mation of the settlement system in Yakutia is heterogeneous: the population in cities tends to concentrate which leads to urban agglomerations, while rural settlements demonstrate a trend towards size convergence.

Gavril’eva T. N.

Kolomak Ie. A.

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