Content №2 от 2017

Siberian Federal District: What Prevents Economic Growth

The article considers the task of restoring economic growth in the Siberian Federal District (the SFD). It is shown that for the most indicators the regions in this area have worsened their positions over the period between 2014 and 2016. The district's shares in the regional structures ofproduced GRP, level of employment, and estimated fixed assets decreased. An emerging issue is a decline in the technological level of the industry. Local consumer market and investment in fixed assets experience greater losses than the rest of Russia. Having analyzed the dynamics ofpublic debt and deficits of federal subjects' consolidated budgets, we conclude that the SFD regions do not have sufficient financial resources for effective policy actions to stimulate economic growth. The article gives recommendations on how to reduce the impact of the existing negative trends in different economic areas.

Basareva V. G.

Miheeva N. N.

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