Content №2 от 2017

Models for Assessing the Indicators of Protection of the Country and Its Regions

The paper considers three methods for estimating the security levels of the country and its regions. The work is timely and important as a response to several strategic documents on transport, economic, food, and information security recently adopted in the Russian Federation. Our analysis of methods used in practical calculations of security levels is built according to the follow­ing scheme. First, we fixate an object which security is to be estimated, then define the main notions used by the method developers and determine indicators applied in estimation. Finally, we discuss ways to normalize these indica­tors and formulas to calculate an integral indicator that would generalize a group of indicators or the indicators of an object as a whole, and show their advantages and disadvantages. The conclusion is made that all the considered approaches can be helpful in estimating the levels of economic security of Rus­sia and its federal subjects. Their comparison allowed identifying the main assessment stages, which are as follows: determination of a set of initial indicators, their quantification, normalization, calculation of the generali­zing indicators for groups of normalized indicators, subjects of the Russian Fede­ration, and the whole country.

Kazantsev S. V.

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