Content №1 от 2017

Territorial Approach to the System of Public Administration in the Russian Federation

The article analyzes the territorial approach in public administration at the federal level. We summarize the work of federal authorities to choose an optimal system for their interaction. Following the best international and Russian practices, we construct functional flow block diagrams that demon­strate the interactions between executive bodies in different regions. The article proves that a methodological foundation for synchronizing the sectoral and territorial approaches to public administration in the Russian Federation has not been formed; among the reasons is the lack of prioritization in the use of mechanisms of sectoral and territorial development scenarios. We consider it expedient to establish specialized regulatory bodies at the federal level that would operate exclusively within the territorial approach. From this per­spective, in order to achieve greater performance of federal executive autho­rities, there is a need to adjust their existing functionality in accordance with the proposed optimal interaction scheme.

Klimanov V. V.

Ivasko E. V.

Korotkikh A. M.

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