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Application Features of Inclusive Development Concept in Resource Regions

The paper explores a possibility of inclusive development in resource regions. We evaluate the degree of inclusiveness of Russian regions' socio-eco­nomic development for the period between 2008 and 2014. The article defines a set of indicators that reflect the state of the system under study and its compo­nents with regards to development inclusiveness. It substantiates the calcu­lations algorithm and resultant index principles. Our findings show a mixed picture whose analysis helps to identify the factors specific for resource regions and affecting the degree of inclusiveness of economic development. The results aimed at both improving the methodology for the research of regional so­cio-economic issues and obtaining a practical impact expressed as a contribu­tion to management practices.

Shmat V. V.

Tokarev A. N.

Sevastianova A. Ie.

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