Content №1 от 2017

Shadow Economy in Russian Regions: an Estimation with the MIMIC Model

The paper hypothesizes the possibility of estimating the shadow economy in Russian regions based on the population's standard of living and quality of life. The research method involves factor analysis and MIMIC models. For the basis of the study we chose a statistics factor analysis by region for the period between 2002 and 2013, broken down by 17 indicators. We highlight the factors that quantify the quality of life and experience the impact of the shadow economy. We design a MIMIC model and assess regional differences in the scale of the shadow economy. The model allows estimating the scale and dynamics of the shadow economy, as well as the local authorities' contribution to the region's development by evaluating the dynamics of shadow activities within the economy.

Kireyenko A. P.

Nevzorova Ye. N.

Orlova E. N.

Polyakova O. Yu.

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